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New-The Branford Trail24 x30Oil on linenBranford , CT$9,500 -New Cape Cod paintings, Nantucket Sound New Cape Cod, Nantucket Sound and Coastal New England paintings by artist Matthew M. Schulz as the pieces come off the easel. Subject matter includes Wianno Seniors, Salt marshes, New England Seascapes and Figawi Racing paintings - New Works
New-The Branford Trail
24 x30
Oil on linen
Branford , CT

Many times when I would travel to the Salmagundi Club for painting exhibitions, I would take the train out of Providence to New York and sit on the left hand side, partly to get the warmth of the sun, but mostly to watch and think about the marshes on the ride down. As we'd clip along, I'd take notes as to what I saw and where, in hopes of returning to paint. So on the way back up to the Cape from painting on the Hudson River, I thought I'd swing in to see if it was as compelling as I remember,"The Branford Trail" is a little corner of this marsh.

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