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August Anthem10 x 10Seapuit, OstervilleMatte canvas dry mounted on acid free foamcore$155 -Prints on paper Features reproductions of paintings of osprey, wianno seniors, coastal landscapes, 2009 Figawi cover and golf courses - Reproductions
August Anthem
10 x 10
Seapuit, Osterville
Matte canvas dry mounted on acid free foamcore

Thank you for considering Giclee reproductions, they are a great way to go for the Fine Art enthusiast who would like to cover the walls of an office, living room or family room at one tenth the cost of original art work.

All of my reproductions are printed on acid free canvas or watercolor paper, as with my original paintings quality control is very important to me. Each order is hand select artist proofed, meaning, I go to the printer, I confirm color, inspect for defects and approve all orders. Obviously, this also entails a bit more time on my part so the turn-around is decidedly different than an order from an internet 24/7 Click & Ship company. Most orders of images have a turn- around time of 10 days to 2 weeks or longer. The cost? Pricing is based on size to be printed, framed or unframed , mounted or raw, there several variables to consider. Once I know the size I can determine cost.

Keep in mind that virtually all images are available, whether it's in New Works or Landscapes, you are not limited the examples on this page, if the painting is accessible to me it can be reproduced. Custom printing is the advantage to this process, please inquire with you specifications sooner rather than later so your project can be completed in a timely fashion, 1-508-428-8770.

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