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"August Anthem" 44" x 40"Oil on linenFramed two piece 22kt gold -Framing Information
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"August Anthem"
44" x 40"
Oil on linen
Framed two piece 22kt gold
Framing tends to be the topic of most discussions after a painting is decided upon. What type of frame should it be in? Will this frame go in my house? or That gold doesn't go with my decor.

In most art galleries guilded frame dominate, they are generally hand crafted and well made with several finishes and leafs available. Depending on the artist or gallery these frames can be of metal a.k.a imitation gold leaf or 23kt gold leaf. To determine which it is one only needs to look for bars where the gold overlaps, if bars are present then the frame is real gold. Imitation leaf can give the look of real gold but when compared side by side the real gold has a superior luster and richness. The frame itself is no different imitation or real, both are hand-carved to the same tolerances.

Why should a painting be framed is gold? In most cases the gold frame enhances the paintings presentation. The gold acts as a visual stimuli attracting the viewers attention. Gold is also recognizable image, cataloged since childhood and the brain immidiately associates gold with greatness "It must be a great painting it's in a gold frame". And certainly great paintings are in diservance of great frames.

Gold also tends to help cradle images especially those images with lots of yellow in them or a strong use of light, it acts as a quasi gray scale enhancing the impact of the color.

What mouldings are available? There is almost an infinite assortment of mouldings available, just about any combination of single mouldings or they can be combined to create custom frames. I use local craftsmen for the frames I sell, they all stand behind their work and if there are any problems they can solve them directly.

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Detail: August Anthem corner carving -Framing Information
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Detail: August Anthem corner carving

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