Detail: Pencil Remarque

Detail: Pencil Remarque -Massachusetts Waterfowl Stamp 2007 Massachusetts Waterfowl Stamp Winner, "Truro Goldeneye" Decoy, painted by artist Matthew M. Schulz. Featuring limited edition Artist Proofs and Traditional Edition fine art reproductions. - 2007 Massachusetts Duck Stamp Print by Matthew Schulz
Detail: Pencil Remarque


Pricing is dependent upon the type of remarque and the level of depth that is intended to be achieved. For regular color remarque they start at $125 and go up from there. "Bosco" is an example of a $250, the main difference between these two is that although the drake goldeneye looks like a goldeneye it isn't a specific bird. In contrast a sporting dog needs to look like that particular sporting dog. Embellishments of the scene or more elaborate backgrounds and lighting will also dictate a higher price.

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