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Fine Art Commissioning a painting by artist Matthew M. Schulz - Commission A Painting

Taking this image for example, "Sunset Hill" a 34 x 38 oil on linen completed in 2011. The customer was trying to satisfy both his love for this view and his wife's love of the dramatic skys that I tend to paint. Keeping this in mind I watched the weather and when it appeared to be a "dramatic cloud day" we met on location and discussed in a matter of minutes exactly what he wished the painting to be. As luck would have it I was able to capture a great little plein air with line sketches for scale and after he signed off on the full size mock up we were off to the races.


To get started either stop by the gallery, call me or drop an email. Do not worry about having all of your ideas together when you call but general direction always helps what types of color schemes you like,the different handling of light can change a painting dramatically, for instance "I love the blue sky and cloud structure in August Anthem, but I would prefer our family farm to the marshes".

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