Matthew M. Schulz

Cape Cod paintings, Nantucket Sound The biography of artist Matthew M. Schulz, including his education, awards and articles written about the artist. - Matthew M. Schulz

Matthew M. Schulz's love of the outdoors began at an early age venturing afield with his grandfather, John B. Farrington. From October through January they would enjoy the traditions of waterfowling, opening the season on the Kennebec River and closing it with late season Black ducks on the Barnstable salt marshes.

These early experiences became the driving force behind his artistic expression. Color and light have always been a source of great fascination for me. When I'm paintingthere is a specific feeling that I'm trying to expressand these two elements are extremely important to the execution of a strong piece. Painting which began as a narrow interest, revolving around Wildlife Art and Duck Stamps has evolved into an ever broadening passion.

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